PSYCHO - CD - Vulture Church

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Genre:  Grindcore Punk

Celebrating forty years in existence, old-school Boston grindcore/punk act PSYCHO is back with their first new full-length in over six years. "Vulture Church" is the fifth album and rages with the band’s rapid and furious punk-infused grindcore mayhem, deploying eighteen tracks in under thirty-four minutes. Diehards of old-school punk/grind acts AGATHOCLES, S.O.B., BLOOD, UNSEEN TERROR, UNHOLY GRAVE, MACABRE and ROT should come worship at the altar of PSYCHO’s "Vulture Church".

"'Vulture Church' leads with a lengthy sample before jumping into lurching, punk-influenced grindcore. There’s a decidedly old-school feel to the song and album thanks to the mid-paced music and harsh vocal delivery." - Decibell Magazine

Track listing:
1. South Of The Border
2. Drive 3
3. Stressed Out
4. Animal Boy
5. Bleeding Out
6. Vulture Church
7. Life Lost
8. Dead On A Mountain
9. Name Dropper
10. Transvaginal Mess
11. Slave
12. Rock Opera
13. Louder Than God
14. Sever The Sist
15. U.K. Joogler
16. Eye Of The Storm
17. Uncle Buff
18. Cancercunt

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