INSECT WARFARE - Digibox 2CD + DVD - Entomological Siege 2004-2009

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Genre: Grindcore

2 x CD + DVD housed in a 8-panel deluxe Digipak with 24 page booklet.


CD 1:

''Gulf Coast Infestation'' Demo (2004)
CD1-1     But Now You Die    
CD1-2     Hurricane Death    
CD1-3     Amphetamine Psychosis    
CD1-4     Negative Appeal    
CD1-5     Death To False Grind    
CD1-6     At War With Grindcore    

''At War With Grindcore'' EP (2005)
CD1-7     After War Obliteration    
CD1-8     Freebase Diarrhea    
CD1-9     Amphetamine Phychosis    
CD1-10     Destroyed By Tanks    
CD1-11     Human Slaughterhouse    
CD1-12     Death To False Grind    
CD1-13     Brain Infestation    
CD1-14     At War With Grindcore

Unreleased Track From The ''At War With Grindcore'' EP (2005)
CD1-15     Untitled

Compilation Track From ''Gulf Coast Infestation'' Demo (2004)
CD1-16     Punk Off And Die    
Split EP With Bolt Stein (2006)
CD1-17     Fucked Up On PCP    
CD1-18     Engulfed In Fire    
CD1-19     In Grind There Is No Law    
Out Take From The Split With Bolt Stein (2006)
CD1-20     Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)    

Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution (2006)
CD1-21     Repulsed By Radiation    
CD1-22     Law Of The Saw    
CD1-23     Bestial Destruction    
CD1-24     Chainsaw Justice    
CD1-25     Execution Mania    
CD1-26     Command Of The Guillotine    
CD1-27     Behind Bars (Razor)
Split EP With Hated Surge (2006)
CD1-28     Negative Appeal    
CD1-29     Obscene Creed    
CD1-30     Reanimated Horde    
CD1-31     But Now You Die    
CD1-32     Hurricane Death

Split EP With Carcass Grinder (2007)
CD1-33     Mind Ripper    
CD1-34     Pestilent Excruciation    
CD1-35     City Of Enemies    
CD1-36     False Grind Alienation    

''Evolved Into Obliteration'' EP (2007)
CD1-37     Evolved Into Obliteration    
CD1-38     Self Termination    
CD1-39     Paranoia    
CD1-40     Human Trafficking    
CD1-41     Street Sweeper    
CD1-42     Enslaved By Machinery    
CD1-43     Necessary Death    
CD1-44     Dead Inside    
CD1-45     Hydraphobia    
CD1-46     Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)
Tracks From ''Trapped In A Scene'' Compilation (2007)
CD1-47     Law Of The Saw    
CD1-48     After War Obliteration    
Live At KJFC Radio With Unholy Grave
CD1-49     Oxygen Corrosion    
CD1-50     Zone Killer    
CD1-51     Enslaved By Machinery    
CD1-52     Street Sweeper    
CD1-53     Manipulator    
CD1-54     Necessary Death    
CD1-55     Dead Inside    
CD1-56     Mind Ripper    
CD1-57     Armoured Virus    
CD1-58     Negative Appeal    
CD1-59     Decontamination    
CD1-60     Protection Maze    
CD1-61     Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)    
CD1-62     After War Obliteration    

CD 2:
Split EP With Carcass Grinder (Alternative Recording, 2006)
CD2-1     Mind Ripper    
CD2-2     Pestilent Excruciation    
CD2-3     City Of Enemies    
CD2-4     False God Alienation
Split EP With Agoraphobic Nosebleed (2008)
CD2-5     Human Virus Ballistic    
CD2-6     Technology War    
CD2-7     Corporation Life Form    
CD2-8     Digital Target    
CD2-9     F.T.L.    
CD2-10     Deception Fortress    
CD2-11     Coded Steel
Tracks From ''This Comp Kills Fascits'' Compilation (2008)
CD2-12     Information Economy    
CD2-13     Cellgraft    
CD2-14     Disassembler    
CD2-15     Cancer Of Oppression

Split With Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation (2008)
CD2-16     Hypothermia    
CD2-17     Blood Wind    
CD2-18     Burning Chrome    
CD2-19     Thermal Imaging    
CD2-20     Circuit Demon    
CD2-21     New Rotation (324)
Track From Grind Bastards #2 Compilation
CD2-22     Death Gate
''S/T'' Aka ''Noise Grind Power Death'' (2009)
CD2-23     53 Untitled Tracks    
Live At Kurx 91.7 Austin Live Radio
CD2-24     Repulsed By Radiation    
CD2-25     Human Slaughterhouse    
CD2-26     Fucked Up On PCP    
CD2-27     In Grind There Is No Law    
CD2-28     Chainsaw Justice    
CD2-29     Execution Mania    
CD2-30     Negative Appeal    
CD2-31     Obscene Creed    
CD2-32     Command Of The Guillotine    
CD2-33     Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)    
CD2-34     Law Of The Saw    
CD2-35     After War Obliteration    
CD2-36     Behind Bars (Razor)    
CD2-37     Mind Ripper    
CD2-38     Pestilent Excruciation    

Live At Annie's, San Francisco, (3/11/2007)

DVD-1     Self Termination    
DVD-2     Human Trafficking    
DVD-3     Hydraphobia    
DVD-4     Execution Mania    
DVD-5     Mind Ripper    
DVD-6     False Grind Alienation    
DVD-7     Necessary Death    
DVD-8     Paranoia    
DVD-9     Dead Inside    
DVD-10     Ensalved By Machinery    
DVD-11     Negative Appeal    
DVD-12     Zone Killer    
DVD-13     Fuck This Life    
DVD-14     Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)    
DVD-15     After War Obliteration

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