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VULVATHRONE - CD - Whoreification
Genre: Deathgrind
3. album of Slovenian brutalists! Twelve songs of brutal & perverse death / grind


S.M.E.S. / U.V.P. - split CD -
Schijten Met Een Stijve vs Utero Vaginal Peste

Genre:Techno-Goregrind / E-Grind / Cybergrind


P3D1TVM - CD - Romantic Fecal Dinner

Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Venezuela


DEEP DIRTY - CD - Masters of Gore

Genre: Goregrind
The new album from german goregrind master “Deep Dirty” (ex Rapemachine) has been created with several guest musicians from famous bands all around the globe. 20 artists have gathered with Deep Dirty and recorded 20 songs in a two years lasting creative phase. The record shows the brute elegancy of the worldwide grindcore scene.


STILLBIRTH - CD - Back the the Stoned Age
Genre: Brutal Slamming Death Metal
Bandwords: We joined forced with our first label Rotten Roll Rex to get this beast out. Rotten Roll Rex supported us with our second Album "Plakative Aggression", so we thought it would be nostalgic to get the guys also for our Rerecording Album.
On every Album we had a different line-up, so we wanted to show you, how our old songs sound with the new line-up! And we can promise you, it will be heavy!


Fo(u)r the Gore and the Lustful Perversity - CD - with:

Genre: Goregrind
this german goregrind compilation based on nothing less than friendship.
Brand new tracks for all 4 bands and the CREATURES offer us 2 more sich cover versions from Regurgitate and The Day Everything Became Nothing


RRR takes official and exclusive Distribution for Germany/Austria for 2 MEAT SHITS re-issues:

MEAT SHITS - CD - Give Hate a Chance
Genre: Grindnoise

MEAT SHITS - CD - Whoreible vol​.​1
Genre: Grindnoise


Cock and Ball Torture - Cocktales LPs

DEAD - A Dirty Mind is a Joy Forever - LPs

FLESHLESS - Doomed - LPs

KRAANIUM - Slamchosis - LPs


VHS - CD - We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs

Genre: sick Horror Grinding Death Metal
VHS return with their third album, We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs. With tongue still firmly planted in cheek, this Canadian trio is exploring the murky depths with their latest release. Sea monsters, killer whales, and bloodthirsty creatures make up the majority of the lyrical content, while the usual killer in a mask makes a brief appearance, which should be expected of any sequel!
The album shows the band staying true to their diverse and catchy style, taking elements from death metal, punk and even hair metal throughout the albums 14 tracks.
  For fans of Exhumed, Impetigo, Autopsy and Macabre


new Shirts
NUCLEAR DEATH - Carrion for Worm - T-Shirt

Vinyl pre-orders available:

new shirts out:


RRR takes official and exclusive Distribution for Germany/Austria for 2 new releases:

Genre: Goregrind

ABORTED FETUS - CD - Early Years of Decay
Genre: Brutal Death Metal


New Gutalax Shirts out now:

New woven patches out now:


NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE - Die Like the Rest CD and T-Shirts
Genre: Banjo Slam Death Metal
Yippie yi ooh - Yippie yi yay - No One Gets Out Alive Once again the one-man-army Andi released an outstanding album of pure slam death metal by using redneck country tunes of a banjo guitar as unique feature. Guestvocals this time: Weston (KILL EVERYTHING/PRIMORDIUS) and guys from TRENNJAEGER



PLASMA - CD - Ethical Waste
Genre: Goregrind
24 bandnew tracks from crime-city Frankfurts finest goremonster! Whats new: a new, 2nd vocalist called Rene joind the band and did his bawls besides their well known typical Plasma waterpipe gurgling vocals, it's still mid-thempo but a way faster than older stuff.


Genre: Goregrind
re-issue of CBT's milestone debut album with complete new design of booklet, CD and inlet!


BRODEQUIN FlexCaps, Beanies, Army Caps und Bucket Hats


CUMBEAST - Gore Zoo - CDs and Shirts
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Deathgrind
Cumbeast 5th studio album "Gore Zoo" will blow lethal doze of guttural grinding groovage straight to your face! One of the most underrated bands in scene, Finlands most brutal are back!!!!!


new merch:
C*NTGRINDER - Sex Violence Shit - T-Shirt
DIPHENYLCHLOROARSINE - Human Era Is Almost Over - T-Shirt

First edition of COCK AND BALL TORTURE Jog-Pants was misprinted, here is the re-print with ultra large logo, size M to XXL available again now!!!

KRAANIUM - Larva Infested Cum Sluts - T-Shirt


GUTALAX "Poop" T-Shirts back in all sizes!!!

COCK AND BALL TORTURE Shorts and Jog Pants


COCK AND BALL TORTURE - Flex-Caps / Army Caps / Baseball Caps

SERRABULHO - Inverted Poopifix - T-Shirts


December Releases:

GUTALAX Caps and Beanies:


Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Death-Grind Legend


BRADI CEREBRI ECTOMIA - CD - Mangled Perception
Genre: Goregrind, Death-Grind


SERRABULHO - CD - Porntugal
SERRABULHO - CD - Ass Troubles (re-issue of the debut album)

Genre: Grindcore, Fungrind, Death-Grind


November Releases:

CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS - 12'' LP - Shit World (Vomit Vinyl)
Genre: Crusty Goregrind / Grindcore
2nd full album from Czech Grind-Gore band CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS
Recommaned to fans of Dead Infection, Jig-Ai, Driller Killer
- Download Code
- Info / Inlay Sheet


October Releases:

GUTALAX - Holy Shit - Girlies  "don't worry...girls don't fart"

new GUTALAX - Big Business - T-Shirts

GUTALAX - Toilet Brushes T-Shirts reprints + new colors:


MUCUPURULENT - Gatefold 2x 12'' LP - Sicko Baby + Demo
Genre: Goregrind

- 2x 12" Vinyl
- incl.  Download Code
- Side A and B: "Sicko Baby" Album 1997
- Side C "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" Demo '95
+ "Remind The Bizarre" Tracks from split 7" w. Cabal from 1998
- Side D: blank
- incl. printed sheet with the original demo cover and other side with old bandpic with printed autographs from old lineup.
- Inside the gatefold cover sind old flyers, fotos, and other old evidence from old times

Vinyl Limitations:
- 100 Vinyl in pink
- 200 Vinyl in white / black splattered
- 200 Vinyl in clear red

Genre: Goregrind

Mucupurulents debut album for the first time on vinyl. This classic album of german goregrind enlarge the scene back in the days to a new groovy way of gory Grind 'n Roll. Together with bands like Impetigo, Gut, Regurgitate or Last Days Of Humanity,  MUCUPURULENT related to the dinosours of the scene.
This deluxe vinyl edition contains the "Sicko Baby" Album 1997, the "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" Demo '95 and the "Remind The Bizarre" Tracks from split 7" w. Cabal released in 1998


September Releases:

NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE "Backwoods Spirit" shirts out now:


BLOOD - 12'' LP - Gas Flames Bones

Genre: Deathgrind
12" Vinyl
incl.  Download Code
incl. Bonus track: "Wizards Of Gore" from  "Wizards Of Gore - Tribute To Impetigo"
incl. lyric sheet

Vinyl Limitations:
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in blue / white splattered (transparent)
- 300 Vinyl in Black


August Releases:

666 SHADES OF SHIT - CD - Whoracle of Blasfemales
Genre: Goregrind/Deathgore
Dutch guys go wild, 2nd album of "trve occult and blasphemic" goregrind:
Their sound is anywhere beteen Spasm, Jig Ai or typical dutchs like Rectal Smegma.16 hymns of sickness and brutality coming your way!
666 SHADES OF SHIT includes members of Prostitute Disfigurement, Faal, Rectal Smegma, Fungus to name a few!


DEBRIDEMENT - CD - Drowning in a Cesspool of Malform and Malady
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
after 2 Eps and Rotten Music and Rotten Roll Rex, here it is, the first full album of DEBRIDEMENT from nothern ireland's mega-slammer Conner Brown, maybe you know him already from bands like Putrefy or Oncology. Stop talking and give this album a listen:


ASILENT - CD - The Unconsecrated
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Debut album of ASILENT from Singapore. Ultra heavy weight and brutal Death, sometime the 2nd vocals reminds to old Demilich or Xysma Gore-Death. Check them out and do not miss them on their first europe tour in summer 2018!


Genre: Goregrind

From title track’s name came the whole concept of this album : Approaching all kinds of extremism, terrorism or politism in a Goregrind way (provocative with a second degree humor).
This title is obviously about terrorist organisations (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc) but not about the traditional/rational Muslims.
The cover art go clearly into this sense showing a couple of Muslim hiding from the fire spread/war by some terrorist leaders (From left to right : Bin Laden – Al Baghdadi –Abubakar Shekau - Ayman al-Zawahiri)

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