GUTALAX -CD- Shit Beast

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Genre: Goregrind

First full-lenght of czech porno goregrind ala GUT, Rompeprop, Sordid Clot etc... one of the best Goregrind bands theese days !!!

01 Anal Error
02 Anus Ice Cream
03 Robocock
04 Sucking A Cock Of A Vietnam Veteran
05 Koky Is Back
06 Licking The Ass Of A Magical Grandpa
07 Asshole Ghost - Wishmaster
08 Tease The Ass With A Jack From A Track
09 Vlak-In-Off-Ka
10 Collective Shit In The Mourning Sunrise
11 Swallowing The Seeds Of An Elperly
12 Asswolf
13 Pooh, Eeyore And Tiggy Having A Threesome
14 Cursed Fart In Pet Bottle

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