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GUTALAX -CD- Shit Happens

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Genre: Goregrind

Czech gore grind brownies present the new album "Shit Happens", they played until now on a lot of important european festivals like Party San, Summer Breeze, Neurotic DeathFest, Brutal Assault or many times on Obscene Extreme, they played 2 tours in europe as headliner and shows in the US.... and the shit goes on!!! A very active band of brown love and shits. Here we got the 2nd album, nothing new, just the same shit, that still a black metal fan theese days also would buy!!
We have now a new number one goregrind-chart-hero: GUTALAX!!!!

Tracking List:
01 - Dick Dip 2:03
02 - Licking the Brown Line of Fat Old Granny Bitch 1:38
03 - Toi Toi Story 1:43
04 - Fart Fart Away 2:29
05 - Cock Corn (feat. Radim from SPASM) 1:49
06 - Nature Mature 2:20
07 - Smoked Ass with Diarrheal Sauce 2:52
08 - Shit Demon (feat. Wokatej from D.E.O.A.G.) 2:03
09 - Dildo Pytlik Lord of the Brown Ring Dildo Baggins 0:52
10 - Fucking from Behind of Macaw Kakadu 0:16
11 -  Hot Dick 1:49
12 - Rectal Orakle 2:02
13 - Brothers in Ass (feat. Peter & Florian from SQUIRTOPHOBIC) 2:13
14 - They Took from my Asshole one Meter long Streptoccoci 2:12
15 - Hairytails 1:41
16 - Shit'Em All 1:48

Total running time: 29:50

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